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Posted on July 6th, 2012

(Posted July 6th 2012)
As specialist in professional web design, there’s nothing better than getting stuck into creating a brand new website or updating and improving on an existing company website that needs a new look and new approach.

We don’t just give you fancy design though! Design for web is vastly different than design for print and we take that on board with SEO in mind.

Websites are scanned quickly by the user who is looking for answers to their questions, users are highly goal driven. Is your website providing easy access to the right information?

If you think you need to address your current website’s message give us a call for some professional advice – 01245 363163.

Recent web design – client comments:

Excellent Website Design
Subject: Re: Website Concept
“Thanks, that looks excellent!” K.S.

Winning Web Designs
Subject: Re: Website Concept
“Thanks for that proposal, we think it looks great! This is the basis to go forward on.” P.H.

Clean and Clear Web Design
“Loving the look of the website; nice, clean and concise.” T.C.

Brilliant Website Design
“I think the new web design looks brilliant!” D.W.