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Posted on October 5th, 2012

(Posted 5th October 2012) We have just completed our second project for our new clients Brents of Brentwood Ltd – Insurance Brokers. Having already spent considerable time and effort on their web presence, they needed strong marketing campaigns to compliment the style and direct people to the site and came to us for help.

How do people find your website?

A wonderful looking website is fantastic, but before natural ‘organic’ search engine optimisation kicks in, which can take months, or before you gain results from search engine optimisation (SEO) investments, you need to tell people where to find you! You also need past ‘web viewers’ to come back and see what’s new and remind them of your services.

Effective marketing

Bombarding your audience with too many details and text will either be considered too much to bother reading in the first place, confuse the main message or give so much away that people make their minds up before even talking to you or visiting your website.

Simple, effective marketing campaigns catch the eye, give enough information to leave people wanting more details and have a direct ‘call to action’ telling them what you want them to do next.

In Brents case, this recent project consisted of an A5 postcard aimed at Taxi companies and Taxi drivers. Guided by their current website design, we produced a clean, concise style with a big, bold, enticing heading and a message to call or visit the website.

Premier Design expertise

Under our suggestion, it was printed on good quality, heavy board so that it portrays a quality and value of service, and shows that Brents care about how they look to their potential clients. It is more likely to be kept hold of too, for future reference.

A cheap, flimsy, throw-away flyer can unfortunately give the same impression of the product or service printed onto it. As experts in design for print, we have extensive knowledge of print processes, finishes and materials and will always share this advice and discuss options to get the best results.


effective marketing campaigns


Happy customers

Shortly after completion of the project, we received a lovely letter from Brents. (see image below). Client testimonials are always a great benefit to any business, and especially a nice surprise when they are totally un-prompted such as this one. Thanks indeed to Brents and for allowing us to share this with everyone too.

If you’d like to talk about ways to get people to your website, or effective marketing campaigns, give us a call now on 01245 363163, or send us an email.



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