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Is it time to re-think your current branding, corporate identity or logo design?

Posted on December 10th, 2012

(Posted on 10th December 2012) As well as creating brand new, bespoke logo designs and identities for a new company or new business venture, we are often asked to update and re-fresh existing company branding and logos.

If you are an established company with a well known identity already in place, you understandably don’t want to loose recognition and reputation you have spent time and effort building up. However, a tired and dated logo could start to have a detrimental effect on your business in terms of how you look to prospective new clients.

We hope that your business has grown and developed since start up, and your goals have probably changed substantially, but does your current branding reflect this? Does it say where the company is now, and more importantly where it’s heading?

Believe in your future and show your clients you’re evolving!

Rather than a complete re-brand, a new, refreshed look to your current logo design and company identity is the ideal solution. You retain elements of the design to maintain the recognition and all the positive messages about your company that brings with it. You’re also showing that your business is dynamic, moving with the times and developing, and that you care about how your business is perceived.

We’re not saying you should update your logo every time a new trend hits the scene, it’s a much deeper message than just being trendy, the new look should see you through a substantial amount of time and progression within the business.

If you think your company identity needs a new lease of life, give us a call for our advice and expertise: 01245 363163

Some Examples of Premier Design Corporate Identity Updates, Before and After:


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